Wednesday, September 23, 2020

React Native Experiments - Tips & Tricks

 When it comes to develop native apps but with single code base, React Native is much popular choice to use for mobile apps development. With my experience I observed that there are a lot of side things that some times produce blocker or irritate us as a developer, so I thought lets list all those things here in single post and I will try to update this post in future as well. 

First thing I faced was application give error as soon as we run it in debugger mode. So for that issue I found that we need to clear the cache in network tab on debugger side which usually opens on default url like this : http://localhost:8081/debugger-ui/

And as we can see in network tab, check the Disable cache option and reload the app in debugger mode, it should start working fine.

Lets play with cypress - Part 2

 In the first part I explained starting of my automation journey with first command to setup cypres at the end i.e.  npm install cypress -g...