Saturday, May 8, 2021

The Morning Mash # 35

 - ASP.NET Core 6 and Authentication Servers by Barry

New to Anomaly Detector: Multivariate Capabilities by Seth Juarez, pgray9933

Visual Studio Code: Did you know… You can generate an installation command of your installed extensions ? by anthonygiretti

Trying out the open-source eCommerce platform nopCommerce using Docker by Andrew Lock

StranglerFigApplication by Martin Fowler



Microsoft now again supporting Authentication Server as template in Core 6 with more flexible licensing options. Now we can detect anomaly in our data with multiple factors / signals. Its now easy to migrate your extensions in form of script for vs code from one workstation to another. NopCommerce team maintained and supported .net capabilities and features over the time and now we can nopCommerce cms to docker with prefered capabilities. Its hard to upgrage and rewamp an old application to new framework version specially if the gap is huge, StanglerFig is one of the approach to achieve this. Taking notes and make them linked together is difficult but can be achieve by one extension in vscode.

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