Sunday, February 27, 2022

Lets play with cypress - Part 2

 In the first part I explained starting of my automation journey with first command to setup cypres at the end i.e. npm install cypress -g Next steps were to create a project with npm init commad and as pre-requisite I had node installed already. 

After init command I provided required information through command prompt and within a minute I had my project created and I opened it in vs code through code . command on cmd.

Once vs code is opened with my project loaded in it, next command was cypress open and magic happened. Default cypress template get generated with basic and advanced examples folders in it. 

As we can see, cypress has particular project structure and by default we used to write our tests in side integration folder. We can divide our tests into folders based of features as this separate is logical so its totally upon us who confortable we are in that decision. I know thats quick one but that is all for part 2 where we have created a project with default test examples, code if this test project can be found on my github repository here : where I am already ahead of my blog post. Stay tuned for the next part.

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