Sunday, February 20, 2022

Lets play with cypress - Part 1

 As tech geek I am a big fan of automating stuff, where stuff means, software development related activities 😆 in context of this post, its software testing automation. It all started when I fist used postman to test my .net based web Restful API's and while playing with that awesome tool, I came to know, it has its brother newman (cli tool) as well. Long story short, it bacame a hebit to make collections of my apis and smooke them after every release in CI/CD through newman and run test on my machine through postman. I think this is enough for building the basis, lets swith the context a little bit.

Recently as a team we decided to choose cypress as testing automation framework amongst couple of others based of following points:

- Its javascript framework, can be used by a developer or a QA to write tests which require basic knowledge of javascript.

- Supports vast varity of tests i.e. End-to-end, Integration and unit tests.

- More attractive features i.e. Network traffic control, automatic waits and screenshoots / videos are most popular ones.

Before I write Part2 of this learning, I must confess, before writing my first automated test, I ran :

npm install cypress -g

Exactally, I installed cypress as global package.  Lets see, what if we install it in project scope later down in this series.

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