Hey, it’s me!

This is M.Usman Rafiq, a passionate and experienced Software Engineer inventor, blogger and adventurous person.

I made this blog so I to share my thoughts on technology with other people. I really enjoy sharing knowledge, like things I recently learned or techniques I’ve used in enterprise systems, anything that’s technology related really. What I really hope for you, the reader, is to enjoy the content that’s shared in this blog and ultimately get something out of it. I will try my best to share my thoughts in a clear, concise and understandable way and ignite the research spark within yourself, to inspire you in extending your learning. As I said, I hope you like the blog’s content, subscribe and of course come back to me, with ideas, suggestions, disagreements, literally everything. I have youtube channel as well where I upload tech videos you can subscribe that also.

I’m currently working as a Technical Lead in Islamabad, Pakistan, where I enjoy being involved in various technology meetups and events.


  • BS(cs) – Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Department of IT, PMAS UAAR UIIT, Rawalpindi, Pakistan


  • Microsoft Certified Solution Developer ( MCSD )

Almost finished

Feedback for this blog is very welcome as it can improve content which will only benefit readers, so please feel free to comment or reach me to provided social media, anything that suits you. I would love to hear your thoughts and discuss with you.

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